e-Learning Web development

Introductory tour of “the UBA world” for UBA XXII.Website developed to be browsed offline in the different units of the Federal Penitentiary Service where the UBA XXII program operates. Sample online version.

UBA XXII It is a Program of the University of Buenos Aires, dependent on the Secretariat for Academic Affairs, which dictates undergraduate courses with face-to-face modality and Extension activities in establishments of the Federal Penitentiary Service. Its purpose is to guarantee access to curricular and extra-curricular university training for people who are deprived of their freedom of movement. Its study methodology is what distinguishes it from the rest of the university proposals and gives it the status of a unique experience in the world. Many students have completed their careers, both inside and outside of prisons, which constitutes an invaluable asset at the time of their social reintegration and has a notable influence on the rate of recidivism. In addition, outstanding students of the UBA XXII Program today practice their professions at the University itself, in the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, and in different public and private organizations in the country. "UBA XXII means a new opportunity for many people. Through this program, those who are within the Federal Penitentiary System (SPF) can not only access their university studies, but also access different extracurricular spaces. For example, some SPF University Centers offer computer courses."