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Massive and open online courses - known as Moocs for its acronym -Massive Open Online Course-, "Ultimatum is a role-playing game that begins by setting out a scenario of environmental crisis in a virtual city, POMPEII, associated with the problem of waste and garbage in urban centers. Students will be assigned to one of the four neighborhoods, they will choose from which role they will collaborate in this emergency situation and they will read various texts to fulfill their mission. Through these readings they will learn about the issues and make decisions in order to develop a strategic plan for their neighborhood."

*To participate in Ultimatum you must register at http://citep.rec.uba.ar/ultimatum. Anyone can do it and it's free. Teachers can also participate with their students.

Interview on CNN Radio - Mundo UBA: https://ar.radiocut.fm/audiocut/ultimatum-un-juego-para-estudiantes/#

Article on Clarín: https://www.clarin.com/sociedad/juego-interactivo-buscan-estudiantes-entiendan-textos-complejos_0_HU9aeN7nA.html